Funny selection of famous artists photographed with their feline friends

Here’s a collection of portraits of those famous artists around the world photographed with their cats, say, Salvador Dalí, Picasso, Paul Klee, Gustav Klimt and so on. No one knows how cat and human being became friends, maybe not at all…

1. Salvador Dalí with his cat ocelot, Babou

2. Henri Matisse and his cats: Minouche and Coussi

portraits-famous-artists-and-cats-photos (10)

3. Picasso and his cat

portraits-famous-artists-and-cats-photos (11)

4. Ai Weiwei with Lai Lai — one of his 40 cats

portraits-famous-artists-and-cats-photos (12)

5. Gustav Klimt with his cat, Katze

portraits-famous-artists-and-cats-photos (13)

6. Paul Klee, Bimbo

portraits-famous-artists-and-cats-photos (14)

7. Romare Bearden hanging out with Gippo

portraits-famous-artists-and-cats-photos (15)

8. Pierre Bonnard and cat

portraits-famous-artists-and-cats-photos (16)

9. Henri Cartier-Bresson captured friend Saul Steinberg lounging with his cat

portraits-famous-artists-and-cats-photos (1)

10. Photographer Margaret Bourke-White with her kitty, 1944

portraits-famous-artists-and-cats-photos (2)

11. Agnès Varda

portraits-famous-artists-and-cats-photos (3)

12. Edward Gorey loved cats

portraits-famous-artists-and-cats-photos (4)

13. Jean Cocteau with Karoun

portraits-famous-artists-and-cats-photos (5)

14. Jacques Villon, Marcel Duchamp, and Raymond Duchamp-Villon and their cats

portraits-famous-artists-and-cats-photos (6)

15. Photographer Edward Weston nicknamed his home “Wildcat Hill,” because the cats congregated in his house

portraits-famous-artists-and-cats-photos (7)

16. Maya Lin and her cat in the studio, New York

portraits-famous-artists-and-cats-photos (8)

17. Balthus and his cat at home

portraits-famous-artists-and-cats-photos (9)



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