Australian comedienne hilariously parodies celebrity Instagram photos

Australian comedienne Celeste Barber hilariously makes fun of celebrity Instagram photos with a funny series of pictures of parody poses.

Real Love Is Perfect, Flawless, Acrobatic, Stylised, Timed And Photogenic

funny-parody-pose-pictures-celebrity-instagram-photos (5)

Lady Gaga And I Progressing Nicely At Paddle Board Yoga

funny-parody-pose-pictures-celebrity-instagram-photos (3)

You Guys Make Me Want To Hang My Head Out A Window And Scream ‘Im Better Than Everyone!

funny-parody-pose-pictures-celebrity-instagram-photos (12)

Happy Easter! I Hope You All Have More Luck In The Easter Egg Hunt Than Kendall Jenner And I Did

funny-parody-pose-pictures-celebrity-instagram-photos (15)

Pull Your Hair. Put On A Full-Length Jacket (If Budget Allows) And Fall In The Water

funny-parody-pose-pictures-celebrity-instagram-photos (14)

Don’t You Hate It When You’re Doing Your Nails In And You Get A Cramp?

funny-parody-pose-pictures-celebrity-instagram-photos (2)

Waking Up Feeling Sexy

funny-parody-pose-pictures-celebrity-instagram-photos (13)

Privileged People Only Travel In Style

funny-parody-pose-pictures-celebrity-instagram-photos (6)

Hiking And Twerking, Obviously

funny-parody-pose-pictures-celebrity-instagram-photos (9)

Ah, The Pressures Of School Drop Off

funny-parody-pose-pictures-celebrity-instagram-photos (10)

F**k You Gravity

funny-parody-pose-pictures-celebrity-instagram-photos (1)


funny-parody-pose-pictures-celebrity-instagram-photos (7)

Living The Dream

funny-parody-pose-pictures-celebrity-instagram-photos (4)

Gooood Morning Saturday!

funny-parody-pose-pictures-celebrity-instagram-photos (8)

Bums. Balls. Boobs.

funny-parody-pose-pictures-celebrity-instagram-photos (11)

Being A Model Is Harder Than You Think



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