Color postcards of Tunisia more than a hundred years ago in 1899

These color postcards from The Library of Congress’ Photochrom collection let’s have a glimpse inside Tunisian culture in 1899 when it’s French protectorate at the time. These precious postcards show a vibrant daily life and religionary architecture in Tunisia a hundred years ago, which were printed from black and white negatives by using the popular Photochrom technique invented by a Swiss printer in the 1880s that was prior to color photography.

A street in Kairwan

A market in Kairwan

Souc-el-Trouk, Tunis

A snake charmer puts on a performance in Tunis

Leaving a mosque, Tunis

La Porte Française, Tunis

A traveling cook, Kairwan

A group before Bab Aleona, Tunis

The waterfront of Sousse

Bedchamber of the late Bey of Tunis, Kasr-el-Said

Private drawing room, Kasr-el-Said

Cathedral of St. Louis, Carthage

Bab Suika-Suker Square, Tunis

Kasbah market, Tunis

A bazaar in Tunis

A family of Bedouin beggars, Tunis

A camp of nomads, Tunis

Arabs in Tunis

A Bedouin woman, Tunis


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