Nuclear holiday in 1950s Sin City

People usually think about the gruesome and tremendous destruction that a nuclear weapon would bring, however, the nuclear bomb was a tourist draw in 1950s Las Vegas. The U.S. Department of Energy carried out more than a thousand nuclear tests at the Nevada Desert, 65 miles northwest of Las Vegas, for 4 decades. A series of photos shows us these people’s holiday in Sin City against spectacular fireball and mushroom cloud. Image source: Las Vegas News Bureau  & Las Vegas Sun

Model Posing In Front Of A Nuclear Cloud

nuclear-tourism-atomic-bomb-1950s-las-vegas-sin-city-photos (9)

Nuclear Tests Were A Rather Ordinary Part Of Life In Las Vegas

nuclear-tourism-atomic-bomb-1950s-las-vegas-sin-city-photos (8)

Miss Atomic Bomb Of Sin City

nuclear-tourism-atomic-bomb-1950s-las-vegas-sin-city-photos (10)

Bombs Over Fremont

nuclear-tourism-atomic-bomb-1950s-las-vegas-sin-city-photos (4)

Fashion Of The Atomic Age

nuclear-tourism-atomic-bomb-1950s-las-vegas-sin-city-photos (1)

Reporters witness the nuclear test on Frenchman Flat, June 24, 1957

nuclear-tourism-atomic-bomb-1950s-las-vegas-sin-city-photos (5)

Just A Few Moments To Get That Perfect Shot

nuclear-tourism-atomic-bomb-1950s-las-vegas-sin-city-photos (11)

A Bright Flash From The Nuclear Blast…

nuclear-tourism-atomic-bomb-1950s-las-vegas-sin-city-photos (2)

…And A Pillar Of Smoke That Follows

nuclear-tourism-atomic-bomb-1950s-las-vegas-sin-city-photos (3)

Nevada Test Site Employed Nearly 100,000 Men And Women

nuclear-tourism-atomic-bomb-1950s-las-vegas-sin-city-photos (13)

Nuclear Tests Would Draw In Hundreds Of Spectators…

nuclear-tourism-atomic-bomb-1950s-las-vegas-sin-city-photos (12)

…And Leave Something For Those Who Missed It

nuclear-tourism-atomic-bomb-1950s-las-vegas-sin-city-photos (7)

Birds-Eye View Of Dozens Of Craters Dotting The Yucca Flats

nuclear-tourism-atomic-bomb-1950s-las-vegas-sin-city-photos (6)


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