The World in Faces – Portrait project by photographer Alexander Khimushin

Photographer Alexander Khimushin has been travling around the world for 8 years, who has taken hundreds of portraits for his ongoing portrait series named The World in Faces, of which the subject matter is to show the beauty of diversity of ethnicity, religion and culture all over the world. “Especially in those remote places, where culture and traditions are still alive,” Alexander says. “There are hundreds of unique ethnic minorities in the world. If we all realize how unique and amazing we, the people, are, we will care more about each other, [and] be more tolerant to people of another ethnicity, religion and culture.”

Oroqen girl in Inner Mongolia

Hamer tribe woman in South West Ethiopia

Ixil Mayan girl in the Guatemalan highlands

Wakhi woman in Afghanistan

Daasanach girl in Africa

Woman in the Wakhan Valley, Afghanistan

Semeiskie Old Believer woman in Siberia

Tofalar boy

Man in the Bodi tribe

Sahrawi (Morocco) man

Wakhi boy in Afghanistan

Boy in Samoa

Shughnan girl in the Pamir Mountains

Wakhi girl in Afghanistan

Hamer tribe girl in South West Ethiopia

Ladakhi woman in Nubra Valley

Girl in the Mursi tribe

Young Gelug Buddhist monk from the Diskit Monastery

Mam Maya man from San Juan Atitan in Guatemala

Tofalar girl

Alexander Khimushin takes selfie in northern Ethiopia


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