French stylist parodies high fashion to show how everyday-woman would look like as models

French fashion stylist Nathalie Croquet collaborated with photographer Daniel Schweizer to create a series of high fashion photo shoot by recreating photos of famous models like Kate Moss, Edie Campbell, etc., in which she took the stage herself and made a parody of high fashion to show how everyday-woman would look as models. “Women, consumption, retouching, cosmetics, aging, beauty, those all come to mind, but truly those issues are up for debate,” the humorous journalist explained the meaning of her “Spoof” series, “I feel people need a more spiritual approach to life, and good fun, I’m happy to give them that, even if I’m just making fun of myself.”


humorous-fashion-photography-models-spoof (2)


humorous-fashion-photography-models-spoof (4)


humorous-fashion-photography-models-spoof (5)
Eric Bompard

humorous-fashion-photography-models-spoof (7)
Eleven Paris

humorous-fashion-photography-models-spoof (1)
Paule Ka

humorous-fashion-photography-models-spoof (9)

humorous-fashion-photography-models-spoof (3)

humorous-fashion-photography-models-spoof (8)
Sonia Rykiel

humorous-fashion-photography-models-spoof (10)
Acne Studios

humorous-fashion-photography-models-spoof (6)
Isabel Marant

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