Underwater fine art photography by Cheryl Walsh

Photography could be just as a good form of self-expression as sculpturing, painting, composing or writing. Cheryl Walsh is high school senior editorial-style portrait photographer and an underwater fine art photographer and portrait artist, who shoots dramatic underwater portraits that are reflective of overcoming troubles in his life. “I’m an introvert, prone to depression and anxiety and easily overwhelmed when around groups of people. After years of trying to fight it, I’ve accepted that this is the way I am wired.” Cheryl Walsh says. “My underwater work is all about me and my story rather than the person I’m photographing. Being underwater allows me to do that in a way that is most conducive to my personality. Every image I create has a story behind it, often about overcoming the troubles in my own life.” Cheryl Walsh shoots a series of photographs that looks a bit like the color of the oil painting, rich, thick, live. Let’s appreciate it.

Borghild, Jessica Dru in Posh Fairytale couture


Queen Catrina, Jessica Dru in Fiori Couture and Pendragon Costumes



Gift of the Sea, Jessica Dru in Fiori Couture


Ocean’s Own, Veronica Eshelby


Whitetail, Mather Louth in her own creation


Royal Entrance, Corey in Fiori Couture


Love is love is love is love, Virginia Hankins and Johnny Stix, Finfolk tail


Albatross, Mather Louth in her own creation


Poseidon’s Soldier, Jack Laflin in Fiori Couture


Warrior Aoife, Rachel Day in her own creation and Vera Wang Dress


Saint Pallidus, Bailey Howe in Fiori Couture and Pendragon Costumes


Prophecy, Jessica Dru in Fortunate Nora and Hysteria Machine


Doe, Kiara Belen in Diego Medel Designs


Crimson Tide, Jessica Dru in Firefly Path


Rehearsal, RJ in Fiori Couture crown


Video of Behind the Scenes

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