Fragment of Long Term Memory – Surreal sculptures by Japanese artist Yuichi Ikehata

Japanese artist Yuichi Ikehata combines photographic self-portraits, clay, wire, paper and transform them into a one of a kind art form that represents an unrealistic world through fragments of reality. The series of these complex sculptures is titled Fragment of Long Term Memory (LTM), “I want to put you in the ambivalent position of not knowing what is real and what is not.” Ikehata says. “My understanding of reality comes from its moments of beauty, sadness, fun, perfection, and those days when nothing special happens. Many parts of our memories, however, are often forgotten, or difficult to recall. I retrieve those fragmented moments and reconstruct them as surreal images. I gather these misplaced memories from certain parts of our reality, and together they create a non-linear story, resonating with each other in my photographs.”

japanese-surreal-art-weird-sculptures-yuichi-ikehata-1 japanese-surreal-art-weird-sculptures-yuichi-ikehata-2 japanese-surreal-art-weird-sculptures-yuichi-ikehata-4 japanese-surreal-art-weird-sculptures-yuichi-ikehata-5 japanese-surreal-art-weird-sculptures-yuichi-ikehata-6 japanese-surreal-art-weird-sculptures-yuichi-ikehata-7 japanese-surreal-art-weird-sculptures-yuichi-ikehata-8



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