Spectacular photos of thunderstorms at 37,000 feet captured by a pilot from cockpit

Night flights are usually very boring for pilots, but Santiago Borja, an Ecuador Airlines pilot and a photographer as well, proved that’s not always the case when he captured some amazing things happening in the sky. From the cockpit of an airplane, Santiago Borja shot spectacular scene of lightning crossing the thunderstorm clouds 37,000 feet above the Pacific Ocean south of Panama. “I like this photo so much because you can feel the amazing size of the storm and its power, but at the same time, it’s wonderful how peacefully you can fly around it in still air without touching it.” Santiago told the Washington Post. “Storms are tricky because the lightning is so fast, there is no tripod and there is a lot of reflection from inside lights.”

amazing-spectacular-perfect-thunderstorm-photographs-from-plane-shot-by-pilot (1)

Another perfect photo of thunderstorm taken by Santiago last year on the coast of Venezuela

amazing-spectacular-perfect-thunderstorm-photographs-from-plane-shot-by-pilot (2)



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