A web app of colorful image colorization algorithm that can turn any B&W photo into a colored one at once

The Algorithmia is an interesting web app developed by a team at UC Berkeley led by PhD student Richard Zhang, which uses the tech of Colorful Image Colorization algorithm to process any B&W images, where we can upload black and white photos, it will transform them into the colored almost instantly.

Construction workers having lunch on top of a skyscraper, New York, 1932

funny-cool-app-auto-colorizes-black-and-white-photos-algorithmia (2)
First boat to go through Gatun water locks in Panama Canal, 1913

funny-cool-app-auto-colorizes-black-and-white-photos-algorithmia (4)
Young Beatles

funny-cool-app-auto-colorizes-black-and-white-photos-algorithmia (3)
Half-way built Eiffel Tower, July 1888

funny-cool-app-auto-colorizes-black-and-white-photos-algorithmia (5)
U.S. soldiers raising flag in Iwo Jima, Japan, 1945

funny-cool-app-auto-colorizes-black-and-white-photos-algorithmia (1)
Children of U.S., 1950

funny-cool-app-auto-colorizes-black-and-white-photos-algorithmia (6)
Hydrogen bomb testing in Bikini Atoll, Marshall Islands

funny-cool-app-auto-colorizes-black-and-white-photos-algorithmia (7)
Freshly carved out Mount Rushmore, U.S.

funny-cool-app-auto-colorizes-black-and-white-photos-algorithmia (9)
Hitler saluting the crowd

funny-cool-app-auto-colorizes-black-and-white-photos-algorithmia (10)
Hindenburg disaster in New Jersey, U.S., 1937

funny-cool-app-auto-colorizes-black-and-white-photos-algorithmia (8)



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