Unusual photo of a crocodile wearing a crown of butterflies looks like a fairytale scene

Photographer Mark Cowan captured this amazing photograph when he was travelling through the Amazon studying reptile and amphibian diversity, which was a finalist for the 2016 Royal Society Publishing photography competition and was awarded special commendation. And more unusual phenomenon of this photo is that these butterflies are three groups of different species gathering together at a same spot. Actually, the phenomenon of butterflies perching on reptiles like turtles and alligators and sipping their tears in nature is called lachryphagy, that means “tear-feeding”, in this way, butterflies can get salt and other minerals they need.

amazing-photo-caimain-butterflies-drinking-tears-flower-cowan-1 amazing-photo-caimain-butterflies-drinking-tears-flower-cowan-2


More photographs of butterflies drinking tears from turtle and alligator eyes


Image credits: Ama la Vida

butterflies-drink-turtle-crocodile-tears-lacryphagy-fear-feeding-pictures-3 butterflies-drink-turtle-crocodile-tears-lacryphagy-fear-feeding-pictures-4

Image credits: Jeff Cremer


Image credits: Unknown


Image credits: Michael Wang / Tora Adventure

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