Pilot captures magnificent sights from cockpit with his camera

Being a pilot will give you a different perspective to view the world, like Santiago Borja Lopez, a Quito, Ecuador-based pilot for a South American airline, who captures spectacular sights in the air from his cockpit whenever he’s off-duty, and these magnificent shots from storms to lightning bolts to clouds really feast our eyes. More photos taken by Borja are on his Instagram.

#1 ‘A Colossal Cumulonimbus Flashes Over The Pacific Ocean As We Circle Around It At 37000 Feet En Route To South America’

#2 ‘I’ve Never Seen Lightning Like This One’

#3 An Ominous Storm Over Panama City

#4 Night Flashes, Atlantic Ocean

#5 Night Sky

#6 Majestic

#7 Flying Over The Colombian Amazonia About To Enter Ecuadorian Airspace To Descend Over The Andes Into Guayaquil

#8 A Magnificent Storm Developing Over The Atlantic Ocean, A Few Miles South Of Jamaica

#9 Tormenta, Coast Of Venezuela, South America

#10 Mooning Around, Super Moon, At 2,900m In Quito, Ecuador

#11 ‘Looking Like A Nuclear Explosion, This Great Cumulonimbus Is Discharging Its Power Over Colombian Rainforest’

#12 The Amazonia Between Ecuador And Colombia

#13 Fugaz, Atlantic Ocean, North Of Panama City

#14 Atomic Storm

#15 Soaring, Guayaquil, Ecuador

#16 A Storm Over Colombian Amazonia

#17 Sunset, Quito, Ecuador

#18 Cloud City, Quito, Ecuador

#19 The Orbit In An Atmosphere Unknown, Ecuador

#20 Blinding Storm

#21 Vertical Development, Ecuador

#22 One Of Those Clear Nights Over Miami

#23 Fierce, Guayaquil, Ecuador

#24 Storm Hour, Amazonia, South America

#25 Cruising Out, Quito, Ecuador


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