Mesmerizing photographs of fireflies at the Land of the Rising Sun, Japan, 2016

It’s a familiar sight on every hot summer night that fireflies give off flashes of light, the blinking pattern is an optical signal that helps the magical bug to attract a potential mate. Each type of firefly has its own flashing code, which helps males and females find mates of the same species. Every summer and for very short periods, photographers gather at the Land of the Rising Sun, Japan to shoot the fascinating scene created by these magical bugs, they use long exposure shots taken from a tripod to capture brief and intermittent flash from fireflies.

beautiful-pictures-of-fireflies-long-exposure-photography-japan (2)

Image credits: Yu Hashimoto

Image credits: Hiroyuki Shinohara

Image credits: Yume Cyan

Image credits: hm777

Image credits: Nomiyama Kei

Image credits: Asuka I

Image credits: fumial

Image credits: hm777

Image credits: Daisuke Aochi

Image credits: zabby

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