San Francisco based photographer has been shooting fog waves for 8 years

San Francisco-based NIck Steinberg is an award winning and published photographer, who is obsessed with the fog waves and has been taking pictures of fog in the San Francisco area for 8 years. Let’s have a look at these stunning beautiful fog wave photographs┬átaken by┬áNIck Steinberg.

stunning-beautiful-fog-waves-photo-shoot-1 stunning-beautiful-fog-waves-photo-shoot-2 stunning-beautiful-fog-waves-photo-shoot-3 stunning-beautiful-fog-waves-photo-shoot-4 stunning-beautiful-fog-waves-photo-shoot-5 stunning-beautiful-fog-waves-photo-shoot-6 stunning-beautiful-fog-waves-photo-shoot-7 stunning-beautiful-fog-waves-photo-shoot-8 stunning-beautiful-fog-waves-photo-shoot-9 stunning-beautiful-fog-waves-photo-shoot-10


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