Fairytale-inspired portraiture featuring red-haired beauty and a fiery fox

Alexandra Bochkareva is a St. Petersburg-based artist and photographer who loves portrait photography and working with redheads. In two beautiful series Autumn and Winter, Alexanda takes pictures of two redheaded models, a trained fox named Alice and Polly in Winter or Olga in Autumn with her manual lens (Helios 77m-4) and natural lighting. “Alice is a wonderful animal,” Alexandra Bochkareva said. “Sometimes she is friendly, sometimes not. All the photographs are spontaneous – I tried to catch the moments of their unity.”

dreamy-portraits-photography-redhead-models-fox-photos-4 dreamy-portraits-photography-redhead-models-fox-photos-1 dreamy-portraits-photography-redhead-models-fox-photos-2 dreamy-portraits-photography-redhead-models-fox-photos-3 dreamy-portraits-photography-redhead-models-fox-photos-5 dreamy-portraits-photography-redhead-models-fox-photos-6 dreamy-portraits-photography-redhead-models-fox-photos-7 dreamy-portraits-photography-redhead-models-fox-photos-8 dreamy-portraits-photography-redhead-models-fox-photos-9 dreamy-portraits-photography-redhead-models-fox-photos-10



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