Behind-the-scenes pictures of those perfect photographs

A collection of behind-the-scenes pictures reveals the truth behind the lens, every great shot needs teamwork, collaboration and photographers’ physical hard work.

#1 Artist Michael Paul Smith used miniature car models to create realistic historical photos from a fictional 1950s American town called Elgin Park.

behind-the-scenes-photography-creative-photos (1)

#2 Girl Enjoying Rain

behind-the-scenes-photography-creative-photos (3)

#3 Photographer Kawika Singson catches fire while he was shooting lava.

behind-the-scenes-photography-creative-photos (2)

#4 M&m’s In Water Drops

behind-the-scenes-photography-creative-photos (4)

#5 Surreal photography of this magical wardrobe is Felix Hernández Rodríguez’s handmade miniature

behind-the-scenes-photography-creative-photos (6)

#6 Wedding Photography

behind-the-scenes-photography-creative-photos (5)

#7 Diving dog photo series called Underwater Puppies by New York and L.A. based photographer Seth Casteel

behind-the-scenes-photography-creative-photos (7)

#8 A fox full of curiosity about the lens

behind-the-scenes-photography-creative-photos (8)

#9 Photographer Erik Johansson uses 17 square meters of mirror to create surrealist Mirror Lake

behind-the-scenes-photography-creative-photos (9)

#10 The famous Russian photographer Osmann and his girlfriend Natalia Zakharova in India

 behind-the-scenes-photography-creative-photos (10)

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