Visual guide to mispronunciations of famous places around the world

Travel website Thrillophila brought us a useful list based on an article from Distractify that will help us to pronounce the right name of famous cities or places around the world.

Bangkok, Thailand

right-pronounce-name-travel-places (1)
Melbourne, Australia

right-pronounce-name-travel-places (12)
Reykjavik, Iceland

right-pronounce-name-travel-places (17)

right-pronounce-name-travel-places (6)
Beijing, China

right-pronounce-name-travel-places (2)
Budapest, Hungary

right-pronounce-name-travel-places (4)
Phuket, Thailand

right-pronounce-name-travel-places (16)
Brisbane, Australia

right-pronounce-name-travel-places (3)

right-pronounce-name-travel-places (5)
Yosemite Park, USA

right-pronounce-name-travel-places (23)

right-pronounce-name-travel-places (8)
Montreal, Canada

right-pronounce-name-travel-places (13)

right-pronounce-name-travel-places (24)
The River Thames, UK

right-pronounce-name-travel-places (18)
Versailles, France

right-pronounce-name-travel-places (19)
Worcester, UK

right-pronounce-name-travel-places (21)

Via Dolorosa, Jerusalem

right-pronounce-name-travel-places (20)

Helena, USA

right-pronounce-name-travel-places (7)
Kissimmee, USA

right-pronounce-name-travel-places (9)
Lafayette, USA

right-pronounce-name-travel-places (10)
La Jolla, USA

right-pronounce-name-travel-places (11)

right-pronounce-name-travel-places (14)

right-pronounce-name-travel-places (15)
Worcestershire, UK

right-pronounce-name-travel-places (22)


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