Top 10 wedding destinations in the world

Each of these destinations is really a wonderful place to choose for engagement, wedding destination and honeymoon, exoticism, tropical beauty and sandy beaches, a tour there can be the extreme romance and life-long memory for the couple.

#1 Cappadocia, Turkey
Image by Ankita Asthana of WeddingNama

worlds-most-romantic-wedding-destinations (1)

#2 Seljalandsfoss, Iceland
Image by Virginia & Evan Studios

worlds-most-romantic-wedding-destinations (2)
#3 Turtle Bay Beach At Caneel Bay, Virgin Islands, USA
Image by Alain Brin of Blue Glass Photography

worlds-most-romantic-wedding-destinations (4)
#4 Lombok, Indonesia
Image by TIN Wedding Photography

worlds-most-romantic-wedding-destinations (3)
#5 Yosemite National Park, California, USA
Image by Clarkie Photography

worlds-most-romantic-wedding-destinations (5)
#6 Iceland
Image by Mait Juriado of M&J Studios

worlds-most-romantic-wedding-destinations (6)
#7 Trolltunga, Norway
Image by Pawel Sarota of SRT-Studio

worlds-most-romantic-wedding-destinations (8)
#8 West Iceland
Image by Alexandra Botvinovskaya

worlds-most-romantic-wedding-destinations (7)
#9 Monserrate Palace, Sintra, Portugal
Image by Catia Aguiam of Gloria Aguiam Fotografas

worlds-most-romantic-wedding-destinations (9)
#10 Queenstown, New Zealand
Image by Chaz Cruz

worlds-most-romantic-wedding-destinations (10)



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