Tintype portraits of Hollywood celebrities by vintage camera at the Sundance Film Festival 2015

Sundance Film Festival is the American indie cinema event, and Tintype (also known as melainotype and ferrotype) is an old photography technique in the second half of the 19th century by creating a direct positive on a sheet of metal, photographer Victoria Will merged them together at Sundance Film Festival 2015, instead of photographing with a DSLR, she captured aluminum tintype portraits of Hollywood celebrities by using an old Graflex Super D camera. “What I love about the process is how raw it is,” on talking about her work, Victoria Will tells Profoto. “We live in an age of glossy magazines and overly retouched skin. But there is no lying with tintypes. You can’t get rid of a few wrinkles in Photoshop.”

Bob Odenkirk, Breaking Bad

old-vintage-camera-cool-photography-sundance-celebrities-portraits (11)
Kevin Bacon, X-Men: First Class

old-vintage-camera-cool-photography-sundance-celebrities-portraits (1)
Leslie Bibb, Iron man

old-vintage-camera-cool-photography-sundance-celebrities-portraits (13)
Jason Segel, How I met Your Mother

old-vintage-camera-cool-photography-sundance-celebrities-portraits (12)
Lisa Kudrow, Friends

old-vintage-camera-cool-photography-sundance-celebrities-portraits (18)
Jason Momoa, Game of Thrones, Conan: The Barbarian

old-vintage-camera-cool-photography-sundance-celebrities-portraits (4)
Ewan McGregor, Star Wars

old-vintage-camera-cool-photography-sundance-celebrities-portraits (8)
Jason Schwartzman, Grand Budapest Hotel

old-vintage-camera-cool-photography-sundance-celebrities-portraits (16)
Zachary Quinto, Star Trek

old-vintage-camera-cool-photography-sundance-celebrities-portraits (17)
Kristen Wiig, Bridesmaids

old-vintage-camera-cool-photography-sundance-celebrities-portraits (19)
Patrick Wilson, The Conjuring

old-vintage-camera-cool-photography-sundance-celebrities-portraits (5)
Vincent Cassel, Black Swan

old-vintage-camera-cool-photography-sundance-celebrities-portraits (9)
James Franco, The Interview

old-vintage-camera-cool-photography-sundance-celebrities-portraits (14)
James Marsden, X-Men

old-vintage-camera-cool-photography-sundance-celebrities-portraits (15)
Spike Lee, Director, Malcolm X, 25th Hour

old-vintage-camera-cool-photography-sundance-celebrities-portraits (3)
Chloe Rose, Degrassi

old-vintage-camera-cool-photography-sundance-celebrities-portraits (6)
Jack Black, Nacho Libre

old-vintage-camera-cool-photography-sundance-celebrities-portraits (10)
Slash, Guns’n’Roses

old-vintage-camera-cool-photography-sundance-celebrities-portraits (20)
Hugo Weaving, Matrix, Lord of the Rings

old-vintage-camera-cool-photography-sundance-celebrities-portraits (7)
Lena Dunham, Girls

old-vintage-camera-cool-photography-sundance-celebrities-portraits (2)
The behind-the-scenes video of the photographing.



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