The art pieces in the course of natural history if people neglect them

American artist Valerie Hegarty took paintings and sculptures from Art History and broke them down so that these art pieces looked as if they’re damaged and destroyed by animals or natural conditions.

Headless George Washington with Table

decaying-contemporary-art-pieces-sculpture-installation (1)

Watermelon Tongue

decaying-contemporary-art-pieces-sculpture-installation (2)

Exploding Peaches

decaying-contemporary-art-pieces-sculpture-installation (4)

decaying-contemporary-art-pieces-sculpture-installation (5)

Melted Captain

decaying-contemporary-art-pieces-sculpture-installation (7)

Sinking Ship

decaying-contemporary-art-pieces-sculpture-installation (3)

Still Life with Watermelon, Peaches and Crows

decaying-contemporary-art-pieces-sculpture-installation (9)

Niagara Falls


Season’s End

decaying-contemporary-art-pieces-sculpture-installation (8)

First Harvest in the Wilderness with Woodpecker

decaying-contemporary-art-pieces-sculpture-installation (6) Source


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