Contemporary art by accident

Sometimes, masterpiece depends on the fortuitous inspiration of the artist, these beautiful pictures of accidental art below show us that art doesn’t depend on making sense perceptions painstakingly but depends on seizing sensation by accidence.

#1 The Guy At Walmart Looked At Me Like I Was Weird For Taking A Picture Of My Paint Before He Could Mix It. I Thought It Was Awesome

 beautiful-modern-contemporary-art-by-accident (11)

Image source: TJAH

#2 Deer Formed From An Accidental Drop Of Black Paint

 beautiful-modern-contemporary-art-by-accident (1)

Image source: tommysutro

#3 I Accidentally Painted A Silhouette Of A Forest In My Last Sip Of Coffee

 beautiful-modern-contemporary-art-by-accident (4)

Image source: jazzpenis

#4 My Daughter Dumped Out Her Acrylics In The Sink

 beautiful-modern-contemporary-art-by-accident (3)

Image source: Beard_of_the_Sith

#5 Work In A Paint Store, The Tint Came Out Looking Like A Volcano Erupting

 beautiful-modern-contemporary-art-by-accident (5)

Image source: cazie

#6 Polished Layers Of Car Paint From An Old Factory In Detroit

 beautiful-modern-contemporary-art-by-accident (10)

Image source: Proteon

#7 She Chose The Wrong Place To Take A Nap

 beautiful-modern-contemporary-art-by-accident (7)

Image source: youtbuddcody

#8 How It Looked After Tinting Paste Dropped Into Paint

 beautiful-modern-contemporary-art-by-accident (2)

Image source: Sebbosaurus

#9 This Is What Happens When The Triple Foam Breaks At The Car Wash

 beautiful-modern-contemporary-art-by-accident (6)

Image source: Cheezdealer

#10 My Paint Fell On The Floor And It Looks Way Better Than Anything I’ve Done

 beautiful-modern-contemporary-art-by-accident (8)

Image source: Free_sensations

#11 Truck With 14 Tons Of Paint Rolls Over Painting The Road In Vibrant Colors

 beautiful-modern-contemporary-art-by-accident (12)

Image source: espigaonews

#12 The Sink After A Day Of Art

beautiful-modern-contemporary-art-by-accident (9)

Image source: Brockington

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