A black gown turns into a salt-encrusted artwork after 2 years salt crystalisation in the Dead Sea

Inspired by S. Ansky’s 1916 play titled Dybbuk, Israeli artist Sigalit Landau created an eight-part photo series called Salt Bride. In 2014, Landau submerged a black gown in the Dead Sea, and he recently took it from the salt-rich waters. The salt crystal gown is on display at London’s Marlborough Contemporary until September 3rd.

salt-dress-dead-sea-salt-bride-gown-5 salt-dress-dead-sea-salt-bride-gown-1 salt-dress-dead-sea-salt-bride-gown-3 salt-dress-dead-sea-salt-bride-gown-4 salt-dress-dead-sea-salt-bride-gown-7 salt-dress-dead-sea-salt-bride-gown-6 salt-dress-dead-sea-salt-bride-gown-2 salt-dress-dead-sea-salt-bride-gown-8



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