Street artist paints intimate portraits on wall of abandoned buildings that look like they’re telling stories hidden inside the houses

Tyrone Wright, Australian street artist also widely known as Rone, uses walls of abandoned urban landscapes as canvas to create intimate portraits series called “Empty”. “Painting beautiful works in places of neglect try and highlight what may have been lost or perhaps what we’re trying to hold on to,” Rone interprets the project. “Every empty space poses the same question — what was there before there was nothing? The story of each space is told through what’s left behind.”

street-art-intimate-girls-portraits-abandoned-houses-wall-9 street-art-intimate-girls-portraits-abandoned-houses-wall-1 street-art-intimate-girls-portraits-abandoned-houses-wall-2 street-art-intimate-girls-portraits-abandoned-houses-wall-3 street-art-intimate-girls-portraits-abandoned-houses-wall-4 street-art-intimate-girls-portraits-abandoned-houses-wall-5 street-art-intimate-girls-portraits-abandoned-houses-wall-6 street-art-intimate-girls-portraits-abandoned-houses-wall-7 street-art-intimate-girls-portraits-abandoned-houses-wall-8 street-art-intimate-girls-portraits-abandoned-houses-wall-10

Video about the “Empty”



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