20 coolest staircase designs that will reinvent and reinterpret our home

These stairs by talented interior designers and architects beautify your home as centerpiece besides making full use of space, the potential use of interior space.

1. Hanging Stairs designed by Arquitectura en Movimiento

modern-artistic-beautiful-interior-decoration-staircase-design (4) modern-artistic-beautiful-interior-decoration-staircase-design (3) modern-artistic-beautiful-interior-decoration-staircase-design (27) modern-artistic-beautiful-interior-decoration-staircase-design (28) modern-artistic-beautiful-interior-decoration-staircase-design (29) modern-artistic-beautiful-interior-decoration-staircase-design (30)

The unique segmented design of the hanging staircase is made up of many flat, horizontal boards that curve up from the first floor to the second, creating steps on both levels.

2. Tree Stairs

modern-artistic-beautiful-interior-decoration-staircase-design (7)

3. Sensualscaping Stairs designed by Atmos Studio

modern-artistic-beautiful-interior-decoration-staircase-design (9) modern-artistic-beautiful-interior-decoration-staircase-design
4. Timber Stripe Staircase designed by Tetrarc

modern-artistic-beautiful-interior-decoration-staircase-design (25) modern-artistic-beautiful-interior-decoration-staircase-design (26)

5. Tree Banister designed by Architetture del Ferro

modern-artistic-beautiful-interior-decoration-staircase-design (17)

6. Flower Petal Staircase designed by Patrick Jouin

modern-artistic-beautiful-interior-decoration-staircase-design (1)

7. Otherworldly Stairs designed by Vincent Dubourg 

modern-artistic-beautiful-interior-decoration-staircase-design (20) 

8. Lace Staircase designed by Dust

modern-artistic-beautiful-interior-decoration-staircase-design (5) modern-artistic-beautiful-interior-decoration-staircase-design (12) 

9. Sloping Stairs was designed by TAF Gabriella Gustafson & Mattias Ståhlbom for a private residence, which is made out of stacked boxes of pine.

modern-artistic-beautiful-interior-decoration-staircase-design (19)  modern-artistic-beautiful-interior-decoration-staircase-design (21)
10. Flat F.M. Stairs designed by ecole

modern-artistic-beautiful-interior-decoration-staircase-design (23)
“The Flat F.M. Stairs  consists in the full restructuration of the existing space as well as the conception of various elements of furniture… “

11. La Maison Unique Stairs designed by Heatherwick studio

modern-artistic-beautiful-interior-decoration-staircase-design (10) modern-artistic-beautiful-interior-decoration-staircase-design (11)

12. Sculptural staircase with glass and timber details designed by Philip Watts for a private client, Northampton.

amazing-sculptural-staircase-design (3) amazing-sculptural-staircase-design (1) amazing-sculptural-staircase-design (2) amazing-sculptural-staircase-design

13. Staircase Slide Combo designed by Alex Michaelis, children’s favourite.

modern-artistic-beautiful-interior-decoration-staircase-design (24)

14. Spiral Slide Staircase will thrill children at home.

modern-artistic-beautiful-interior-decoration-staircase-design (22)

15. Library Slider Stairs designed by Moon Hoon

modern-artistic-beautiful-interior-decoration-staircase-design (6) modern-artistic-beautiful-interior-decoration-staircase-design (13)

16. Bookcase Staircase designed by Levitate Architects

modern-artistic-beautiful-interior-decoration-staircase-design (14) modern-artistic-beautiful-interior-decoration-staircase-design (15)

17. Space-Saving Stairs

modern-artistic-beautiful-interior-decoration-staircase-design (2)

18. Understairs Space designed by Deriba Furniture, of which the high space using rate is suitable for small parts.

modern-artistic-beautiful-interior-decoration-staircase-design (16)

19. Workplace Stair Unit designed by Studio Mieke Meijer

modern-artistic-beautiful-interior-decoration-staircase-design (8)

 20. Metal Staircase designed by Francesco Librizzi

modern-artistic-beautiful-interior-decoration-staircase-design (18)

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  1. James Bergman

    I really like how the sloping stairs look. when I saw the first picture I couldn’t tell that it was taken from the top of the stairs. Definitely a cool design. However, I do think the bookcase stairs with the slide is much more practical. Thanks for posting. 

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