Geometric arcylamps for night lights and ambient lights

These elegantly geometric arcylamps are available on SturlesiDesign, an online-store of product design, light objects and home decor on Etsy, from animals to architectural shapes, they offer a variety of lamp designs for picking. The handmade lamps are made from laser cut acrylic glass and LEDs are hidden in painted concrete bases.

#1 Deer Lamps, The Zoo Collection

#2 Fox Lamp

#3 Unicorn Lamp, Full Moon Collection

#4 Wolf Lamp, Full Moon Collection

#5 Deer Lamp, The Zoo Collection

#6 Unicorn Lamp, The Zoo Collection

#7 Deer Lamp, Full Moon Collection

#8 Nautical Set, For Those Sea Enthusiasts

#9 Horse Lamp, Full Moon Collection

#10 Fox Lamp


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