Stylish shelf transformed from a fallen tree branch

Chilean artist Sebastian Errazuriz created many artworks inspired by nature, this time, the artist found a fallen tree branch on road when he’s walking around the city in Santiago, Chile, and then he transformed it into a stunning shelf, which was named “Bilbao” after the street where it was found. Well saying goes: Life is never lack of beauties, yet you need to discover them with your eyes.

modern-design-tree-branch-creative-bookshelves-1 modern-design-tree-branch-creative-bookshelves-2 modern-design-tree-branch-creative-bookshelves-7 modern-design-tree-branch-creative-bookshelves-8

Artist’s previous work based on tree branches

modern-design-tree-branch-creative-bookshelves-5 modern-design-tree-branch-creative-bookshelves-6modern-design-tree-branch-creative-bookshelves-3 modern-design-tree-branch-creative-bookshelves-4


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