Stylish and amazing luminous Bed Cover made of Fiber Optics fabric

Luminous Bed Spread is made of fiber optics fabric with assorted cotton borders, which emits colored light to produce stunning beautiful and mysterious effect in darkness. This dazzling bed spread is powered either by low-voltage batteries or by a mains adaptor, 4.5 voltages, so it won’t heat up, and pose no risks in terms of electrical shocks. Available here

stunning-beautiful-Stylish-luminous-Fiber-Optics-fabric-Bed-Cover-spread stunning-beautiful-Stylish-luminous-Fiber-Optics-fabric-Bed-Cover-spread (2) stunning-beautiful-Stylish-luminous-Fiber-Optics-fabric-Bed-Cover-spread (3)   

Luminous fabric

stunning-beautiful-Stylish-luminous-Fiber-Optics-fabric-Bed-Cover-spread (4)


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