Floral cake designs by Culinary Dots

Under the name of Culinary Dots, Berlin-based chef Juliana shows us culinary art with vibrant vegan cakes made out of only raw, vegan ingredients. These absolutely stunning creations often feature beautiful bouquets of flowers with incredible attention to detail.

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  1. Aplusmathematicstutorial

    I don”t think we have Carvel cakes in California! I got my daughter a Baskin Robbins ice cream cake for her 3rd birthday last month and I was kind of shocked at the price. Are Carvel cakes inexpensive? (The BR one was $45.) A fun touch we did to personalize it was I told her to pick out a few of her plastic figurines she plays with, wash them in the sink, and we could stick them on top as decorations. It had a pig, a turkey, Maui (from Moana) and two Daniel Tiger characters. Haha, a plus mathematics tutorial boxermath.com

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