Beautiful paintings by 73-year old Japanese artist with only Excel

It’s unbelievable that these highly detailed paintings are created by a 73-year-old Japanese man with the most unexpected software – MS Excel. The artist named Tatsuo Horiuchi is always interested in graphic arts, however, he’s at the threshold of this hobby about 13 years ago shortly before his retirement. As a spreadsheet artist, Tatsuo Horiuchi entered and won Excel Autoshape Art Contest in 2006, whose works have been presented in many exhibitions. As for the reasons why he uses the Excel, “Graphics software is expensive but Excel comes pre-installed in most computers,” explained Horiuchi. “And it has more functions and is easier to use than MS Paint.”

incredible-impressive-amazing-cool-excel-art-drawing-picturesincredible-impressive-amazing-cool-excel-art-drawing-pictures (1) incredible-impressive-amazing-cool-excel-art-drawing-pictures (2) incredible-impressive-amazing-cool-excel-art-drawing-pictures (3) beautiful-excellent-Excel-spreadsheet-art-works-imagesincredible-impressive-amazing-cool-excel-art-drawing-pictures (4)



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