Winners of the “Drone Aerial Photography Contest 2015” announced

The winning photographs of the second edition of the “Drone Aerial Photography Contest 2015” have announced. These beautiful and inspirational photos taken with a drone were meticulously selected from more than 5000 entries submitted around the world by professionals and amateur drone photo enthusiasts. The competition 2015 was organized by Dronestagram and National Geographic and judged by a panel of experts, say, National Geographic photographer Ken Geiger (Pulitzer Prize-winning photographer), Jean-Pierre Vrignaud (Editor in Chief of National Geographic France) and so on. The rewards will be given away in conjunction with official partners National Geographic, Kodak, Parrot, Go Pro, Hexo+, Picanova, Hobbico and Adobe.

Drone-Aerial-Photography-Contest-2015-photos (1)

1st Prize Winner Category Nature © Tahitiflyshoot

Drone-Aerial-Photography-Contest-2015-photos (2)

1st Prize Winner Category Places © Ricardo Matiello

Drone-Aerial-Photography-Contest-2015-photos (1)

1st Prize Winner Category Dronies © FlyovermediaCy

Drone-Aerial-Photography-Contest-2015-photos (9)

© AmbroseLune

Drone-Aerial-Photography-Contest-2015-photos (13)

© Imagens Arriba

Drone-Aerial-Photography-Contest-2015-photos (17)

© Rivanfmaulana

Drone-Aerial-Photography-Contest-2015-photos (12)

© Eyalasaf

Drone-Aerial-Photography-Contest-2015-photos (3)

2nd Prize Winner Category Nature © Kdilliard


2nd Prize Winner Category places © Wanaiifilms

Drone-Aerial-Photography-Contest-2015-photos (16)

© Postandfly

Drone-Aerial-Photography-Contest-2015-photos (5)

2nd Prize Winner Popular Prizes © Ice Fire


3rd Prize Winner Category Nature © Marama Photo Video

Drone-Aerial-Photography-Contest-2015-photos (6)

3rd Prize Winner Category places ©

Drone-Aerial-Photography-Contest-2015-photos (7)

3rd Prize Winner Popular Prizes © Wootsor

Drone-Aerial-Photography-Contest-2015-photos (8)

© Abusalem

Drone-Aerial-Photography-Contest-2015-photos (10)

© AmbroseLune

Drone-Aerial-Photography-Contest-2015-photos (11)

© Dan116

Drone-Aerial-Photography-Contest-2015-photos (15)

© Lucas Hourton



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