This 19-year-old girl has great makeover skills

The girl is currently a fashion and textiles student in London, inspired by horror movies and Tim Burton, Saida Mickeviciute, a 19-years-old makeup artist from Lithuania, transforms herself into various monstrous creatures in her free time by using self-taught makeup skill and extraordinary patience, “usually, it takes me around one or two hours to complete one piece.”

#1 Broken Porcelain Doll

weird-makeup-scary-makeover-body-painting-art (1)
#2 Sloth

weird-makeup-scary-makeover-body-painting-art (2)
#3 Wondering Where Gnomes Come From

weird-makeup-scary-makeover-body-painting-art (4)
#4 Inspired By Pan’s Labyrinth

weird-makeup-scary-makeover-body-painting-art (3)
#5 Caroline

weird-makeup-scary-makeover-body-painting-art (5)
#6 A Kiss Isn’t Always The Way To Become A Princess

weird-makeup-scary-makeover-body-painting-art (7)
#7 Nutcracker

weird-makeup-scary-makeover-body-painting-art (6)
#8 Steampunk Airship Girl

weird-makeup-scary-makeover-body-painting-art (8)
#9 Skinless

weird-makeup-scary-makeover-body-painting-art (9)
#10 Wiped Face

weird-makeup-scary-makeover-body-painting-art (10)



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