Artworks of palettes


The exhibition Point of Origin at The Lodge Gallery in New York are showcasing beautiful…

Imaginative ceramic sculptures

wonderful-cool-creative-clay-ceramic-sculptures (9)

These amazingly surrealistic ceramic sculptures are created by Hongkong-based artist Johnson Tsang, as a sculptor,…

Beautiful leaf artworks

wonderful-creative-beautiful-leaf-work-of-art (5)

These creative leaf artworks are made by Tang Chiew Ling, a Malaysian graphic designer, who…

Delicious works of art

great creative funny beautiful cool art form food

Such creative art form was created by Turkish artist Sakir Gokcebag, who deliberately turned sliced…

Art of melting crayons

beautiful creative art melted crayon (8)

American artist Jessie Kerbawy created these gorgeous artworks with crayons and a heat gun. Source