Simplistic comic tells you the true thinks of your cat

Don’t be fooled by cat’s appearance of a fluffy ball of love and purrs, Catsass, this simplistic comic of black and white line drawings by Claude Combacau, also a cat owner, will show you what your cat really thinks.

Creepy Human

funny-comics-drawings-Catsass-cat-human-relationship-thinks (8)

Please Don’t Come Back The Next Time You Leave

funny-comics-drawings-Catsass-cat-human-relationship-thinks (4)

Get A Dog

funny-comics-drawings-Catsass-cat-human-relationship-thinks (7)

Just An Advice

funny-comics-drawings-Catsass-cat-human-relationship-thinks (6)

I Do What I Want

funny-comics-drawings-Catsass-cat-human-relationship-thinks (1)

I’m Not A Cutie Pie

funny-comics-drawings-Catsass-cat-human-relationship-thinks (14)

Upgrading A Sofa

funny-comics-drawings-Catsass-cat-human-relationship-thinks (11)
Just Making Magic

funny-comics-drawings-Catsass-cat-human-relationship-thinks (2)

Yeh, Me Too…

funny-comics-drawings-Catsass-cat-human-relationship-thinks (5)

Morning Breath

funny-comics-drawings-Catsass-cat-human-relationship-thinks (9)

Thanks, Human

funny-comics-drawings-Catsass-cat-human-relationship-thinks (10)

I Have Already Tried It

funny-comics-drawings-Catsass-cat-human-relationship-thinks (12)

Can I Come In?

funny-comics-drawings-Catsass-cat-human-relationship-thinks (3)
Lucky? Realy, Human?

funny-comics-drawings-Catsass-cat-human-relationship-thinks (13)



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