List of body doubles for major international movie stars

Body double is a general term for someone who substitutes for famous movie actors of a character in some dangerous scenes.

*1 Lynda Carter With Her Wonder Woman Acting Double Jeannie Epper

famous-celebrities-movie-actors-body-stunt-doubles (8)
*2 Elijah Woods With His Scale Double Kiran Shah On The Set Of The Lord Of The Rings: The Fellowship Of The Ring

famous-celebrities-movie-actors-body-stunt-doubles (17)
*3 Ken Stott And His Stunt Double Peter Dillon On The Set Of The Hobit

famous-celebrities-movie-actors-body-stunt-doubles (9)
*4 Johnny Depp With His Stunt Double Tony Angelotti On The Set Of Pirates Of The Caribbean

*5 Emma Watson With Her Stunt Doubles On The Set Of Harry Potter

famous-celebrities-movie-actors-body-stunt-doubles (15)
*6 Gwendoline Christie And Rory McCann With Their Stunt Doubles On The Set Of Game Of Thrones

famous-celebrities-movie-actors-body-stunt-doubles (11)
*7 Hugh Jackman And His Stunt Double Richard Bradshaw On The Set Of X-Men: The Last Stand

famous-celebrities-movie-actors-body-stunt-doubles (20)
*8 Faye Marsay With Her Stunt Double Casey Michaels On The Set Of Game Of Thrones

famous-celebrities-movie-actors-body-stunt-doubles (4)
*9 Game Of Thrones Stunt Doubles

famous-celebrities-movie-actors-body-stunt-doubles (6)
*10 Carrie Fisher & Her Stunt Double Tracey Eddon Sunbathing While Filming Star Wars: Return Of The Jedi

famous-celebrities-movie-actors-body-stunt-doubles (18)
*11 Robin Williams With His Stunt Double Mike Mitchell On The Set Of Night At The Museum 3

famous-celebrities-movie-actors-body-stunt-doubles (1)
*12 Tom Hardy And Stunt Double Jacob Tomuri On The Set Of Mad Max: Fury Road

famous-celebrities-movie-actors-body-stunt-doubles (3)
*13 Mark Ruffalo And His Stunt Double Anthony Molinari On The Set Of Now You See Me

famous-celebrities-movie-actors-body-stunt-doubles (7)
*14 Ian Mckellen With His Stunt Doubles On The Set Of Lotr

famous-celebrities-movie-actors-body-stunt-doubles (5)
*15 Bruce Willis And His Doubles On The Set Of A Couple Of Dicks

famous-celebrities-movie-actors-body-stunt-doubles (2)
*16 Kate Winslet With Her Stunt Double Sarah Franzl On The Set Of Titanic

famous-celebrities-movie-actors-body-stunt-doubles (13)
*17 Margot Robbie With Her Stunt Double Ingrid Kleinig On The Set Of Suicide Squad

famous-celebrities-movie-actors-body-stunt-doubles (10)
*18 Michael Douglaswith His Longtime Stunt Double Mike Runyard On The Set Of Ant-Man

famous-celebrities-movie-actors-body-stunt-doubles (19)
*19 Alyson Hannigan And Stunt Doubles On The Set Of Buffy, The Vampire Slayer

famous-celebrities-movie-actors-body-stunt-doubles (16)
*20 Arnold Schwarzenegger With His Stunt Double Peter Kent On The Set Of Commando

famous-celebrities-movie-actors-body-stunt-doubles (12)


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