Honest slogans – Logos perfectly describe popular companies and their products

Project by graphic designer Clif Dickens called Honest Slogans featuring iconic logos honestly describes different companies and their products, say, Pepsi, Instagram, Best Buy, Target, FedEx, UGG Shoes, Pizza Hut, YouTube, McDonald’s, Nike, Apple and so on, which show what customers really think about popular companies and their products.

funny-humorous-ironic-logos-honest-slogans-big-companies-products (1)

Nike: Just buy it.

funny-humorous-ironic-logos-honest-slogans-big-companies-products (2)

Apple: 2000 dollars facebook machines

funny-humorous-ironic-logos-honest-slogans-big-companies-products (3)

Pepsi: is pepsi okay?


Pepsi: When there’s no coke

funny-humorous-ironic-logos-honest-slogans-big-companies-products (4)

Best Buy: Try it out before buying it on Amazon

funny-humorous-ironic-logos-honest-slogans-big-companies-products (5)

McDonald’s: Because you only have 4 dollars

funny-humorous-ironic-logos-honest-slogans-big-companies-products (6)

Target: Walmart for the middle class

funny-humorous-ironic-logos-honest-slogans-big-companies-products (7)

Netflix: Spend more time searching than actually watching

funny-humorous-ironic-logos-honest-slogans-big-companies-products (8)

Blockbuster: Never paying that late fee finally paid off

funny-humorous-ironic-logos-honest-slogans-big-companies-products (9)

Sears: Step into 1992

funny-humorous-ironic-logos-honest-slogans-big-companies-products (10)

Lexmark: Our ink is more expensive than our printers

funny-humorous-ironic-logos-honest-slogans-big-companies-products (11)

Sharpie: Instantly turns the passed out person into a canvas.

funny-humorous-ironic-logos-honest-slogans-big-companies-products (12)

ticketmaster: Yeah… we’re going to charge you whatever we want.

funny-humorous-ironic-logos-honest-slogans-big-companies-products (13)

Yellow Pages: Here, you throw this away

funny-humorous-ironic-logos-honest-slogans-big-companies-products (14)

UGG: On every sorority girl at every university

funny-humorous-ironic-logos-honest-slogans-big-companies-products (15)

Men’s Health: Every issue promises perfect abs

funny-humorous-ironic-logos-honest-slogans-big-companies-products (16)

Pizza Hut: We have a salad bar for some reason

funny-humorous-ironic-logos-honest-slogans-big-companies-products (17)

Instagram: Mask bad photos with filters

funny-humorous-ironic-logos-honest-slogans-big-companies-products (18)

FedEx: It’s probably broken

funny-humorous-ironic-logos-honest-slogans-big-companies-products (19)

LEGO: The bane of your foot’s existence.

funny-humorous-ironic-logos-honest-slogans-big-companies-products (20)

Campbell’s Soup: Mmm mmm salt.

funny-humorous-ironic-logos-honest-slogans-big-companies-products (21)

Adobe Acrobat: Would you like to update?

funny-humorous-ironic-logos-honest-slogans-big-companies-products (22)

YouTube: Don’t read the comments.


Linked in: Connect with people for no reason at all.


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