Adorable food art

With common food like fruits and vegetables, artist Brock Davis created these funny artworks.

Noodles on a Plate


The Gingershred Man


interesting-creative-food-art (1)

Hot dog

interesting-creative-food-art (2)

Cereal TIE Fighter for Star Wars themed party

interesting-creative-food-art (3)

Gummy Bearskin Rug

interesting-creative-food-art (5)

Twinkie Circuitry

interesting-creative-food-art (6)

Rice Krispies & super glue

interesting-creative-food-art (7)

Super Fly


Honey Bear

interesting-creative-food-art (10)

Apple Owl

interesting-creative-food-art (11)

interesting-creative-food-art (4)interesting-creative-food-art (12) interesting-creative-food-art (13) interesting-creative-food-art (9)interesting-creative-food-art (14)


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