Elegant LED light fixtures

Inspired by childhood memories, Tel Aviv-based award-winning designer Chen Bikovski designs a beautiful series of popup lightings that can turn into brilliant animals when you switch it on, these origami-like wall lamps are made out of cardboard or aluminum (steel), which cost from $65 (cardboard) to $250 (aluminum) and are available on Amazon.  “Since I was a child, I was fascinated by Pop-up books,” Bikovski said. “Each time I flipped a page I was sent down the rabbit hole, and just like Alice in Wonderland, I discovered a new fantasy world hidden in the ordinary looking book – the surprise making the magic all the more real.”

animal-wall-lamps-popup-lighting-design-decoration-1 animal-wall-lamps-popup-lighting-design-decoration-2 animal-wall-lamps-popup-lighting-design-decoration-3 animal-wall-lamps-popup-lighting-design-decoration-13animal-wall-lamps-popup-lighting-design-decoration-7 animal-wall-lamps-popup-lighting-design-decoration-4 animal-wall-lamps-popup-lighting-design-decoration-5animal-wall-lamps-popup-lighting-design-decoration-8 animal-wall-lamps-popup-lighting-design-decoration-6 animal-wall-lamps-popup-lighting-design-decoration-12animal-wall-lamps-popup-lighting-design-decoration-9 animal-wall-lamps-popup-lighting-design-decoration-10 animal-wall-lamps-popup-lighting-design-decoration-11


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