Chalkboard Art by a Japanese Teacher

Besides Taiwanese teacher who creates incredible anatomical diagram on chalkboard, there’s another talented teacher has been found in Japan. Japanese Hirotaka Hamasaki, aka Hamacream, is an art teacher and graphic designer, who shows his chalk drawing skills by recreating those art masterpieces with chalk and his fingers, from Leonardo da Vinci to Pablo Picasso, landscape to anime, all are expressive in this way.

japanese-teacher-chalkboard-drawing-art-1 japanese-teacher-chalkboard-drawing-art-2 japanese-teacher-chalkboard-drawing-art-3 japanese-teacher-chalkboard-drawing-art-4 japanese-teacher-chalkboard-drawing-art-5 japanese-teacher-chalkboard-drawing-art-6 japanese-teacher-chalkboard-drawing-art-7 japanese-teacher-chalkboard-drawing-art-8 japanese-teacher-chalkboard-drawing-art-9



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