Delicious works of art

great creative funny beautiful cool art form food

Such creative art form was created by Turkish artist Sakir Gokcebag, who deliberately turned sliced…

Art of melting crayons

beautiful creative art melted crayon (8)

American artist Jessie Kerbawy created these gorgeous artworks with crayons and a heat gun. Source

Artworks Of Shadow

shadow sculptures art (1)

These amazing shadows of humans and different animals formed by light projected through piles of…

Exquisite eggshell carvings

amazing cool outstanding eggshell carvings (1)

Incredible eggshell carvings created by artist Brian Baity, who changed fragile eggshells into amazingly delicate…

Painting on stacked books

unusual cool amazing art painting (2)

Mike Stilkey, Los Angeles based artist, created unusual works of art with ink, colored pencils…

Book carvings

unusual cool eyecatching amazing book carvings (4)

Unusual carvings created out of stacked books by artist Kylie Stillman in Melbourne, Australia. Whatever…

Beautiful leaf carvings

beautiful wonderful leaf carving artworks (2)

Spanish artist Lorenzo Duran carved unique and beautiful patterns and scenes in leaves to create…