Cabin designed as a ski slope in Norway

Ski slope mountain hill cabin designed by Fantastic Norway architects is half relaxing retreat Nestled deep within the snowy mountains of Ål, Norway, of which the angular shapes can direct the wind and snow around to create a real ski slope effect.

amazing-architecture-design-Ski-Slope-Mountain-Hill-Cabin-norwayamazing-architecture-design-Ski-Slope-Mountain-Hill-Cabin-norway (1) amazing-architecture-design-Ski-Slope-Mountain-Hill-Cabin-norway (2)

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  1. Adam P.

    This s a beautiful design to look at, but I can see some disadvantages to such an open concept of a house. I can imagine it must take ages to heat it up, not to speak about the windows to the floor in deep snow..But then again, it´s just my laic opinion.

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