Amazing sand sculptures in the style of brutalist

“Playing in the sand” is an impressive art, some gifted people can make incredibly complex and detailed sculptures out of the sand, although it will eventually go with waves. For Calvin Seibert, a New York-based sculptor known for modernist architecture on beaches, sandcastles is direct manifestation of his wildest spirit. “As I became more aware of architecture in the wider world Brutalism was one of the styles of the moment. Looking at architecture magazines as a child and seeing hotels in French ski resorts (Marcel Breuer at Flaine) made of concrete suited my sensibility, I was hooked,” he told Arch daily. “Once I begin building and forms start to take shape, I can start to see where things are going and either follow that road or attempt to contradict it with something unexpected. In my mind they are always mash-ups of influences and ideas.” So far Calvin Seibert has already created more than 200 incredible structures. Of course, we can only see his works in these pictures below.

brutalist-sandcastles-cool-sand-sculptures-art-14 brutalist-sandcastles-cool-sand-sculptures-art-1 brutalist-sandcastles-cool-sand-sculptures-art-2 brutalist-sandcastles-cool-sand-sculptures-art-3 brutalist-sandcastles-cool-sand-sculptures-art-4 brutalist-sandcastles-cool-sand-sculptures-art-5 brutalist-sandcastles-cool-sand-sculptures-art-6 brutalist-sandcastles-cool-sand-sculptures-art-7 brutalist-sandcastles-cool-sand-sculptures-art-9 brutalist-sandcastles-cool-sand-sculptures-art-10 brutalist-sandcastles-cool-sand-sculptures-art-11 brutalist-sandcastles-cool-sand-sculptures-art-12 brutalist-sandcastles-cool-sand-sculptures-art-13 brutalist-sandcastles-cool-sand-sculptures-art-15 brutalist-sandcastles-cool-sand-sculptures-art-16 brutalist-sandcastles-cool-sand-sculptures-art-17 brutalist-sandcastles-cool-sand-sculptures-art-18 brutalist-sandcastles-cool-sand-sculptures-art-19brutalist-sandcastles-cool-sand-sculptures-art-8




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