A list of over 10 facts that will give us a new perspective into this amazing world



According to Switzerland’s law, social animals like guinea pigs must ahve a buddy with them. Owning only one is considered animal abuse and is illegal.

Image source: abc,fuzzberta



Every time a baby girl is born in the Inidan village of Piplantri, the residents come together to plant 111 trees in her honor.

Image source: wikipedia,piplantri



Every year on august 5, the Mars urisosity rover celebrates the anniversary of its arrival by singing the happy birthday song. To itself. All alone. On Mars.

Image source: NASA Goddard,Ben Harrington



The FBI believes that animal abuse is a serious enough crime to be tracked right along with homicide, arson, and assault.

Image source: FBI,FuN_Lucky



The probability of you drinking a glass of water that contains a molecule of water that also passed through a dinosaur is almost 100%.

Image source: bigparadox,condesign



Owls keep little snakes as their pets.

Image source: F. R. Gehlbach & R. S. Baldridge,rihaij



Politicians mix up Slovakia and Slovenia so often that embassy employees meet every month to exchange wrongly-addressed mail.

Image source: politico,jackmac34



It rains diamonds on Saturn and Jupiter.

Image source: BBC,James St. John



Cleopatra was alive closer to the invention of the iPhone than the construction of great pyramid.

Image source: NASA,Frederick Arthur Bridgman



Mario hits the blocks with his hand, not his head.

Image source:  reddit_top



This is what a child’s skull looks like before i’s lost its baby teeth.

Image source: ShesGotSauce

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