A Collection Of Funny And Creative Floor Sticker Ads

Originality and imagination are needed in the fields of advertising, a creative advertisement makes one product appear more interesting than others, and the creators of ads have long believed that a really cool idea drives an advertisement’s success. Now we show a collection of funny and fascinating sticker ads, say, sidewalk, elevator or floor ads, let’s look at these great ideas with an open mind and appreciate the creativity that went into it.

A giant dog that people look like fleas from above

A 3D floor sticker ad looks like a skateboard empty pool

Alice Adventures In Wonderland themed ceiling ad

Basketball court sticker placed around garbage cans

Movie Pirates of The Carribean themed walk the plank diving board sticker

Crosswalk area looks like barcode for shopping

Crosswalk strip really clean

Floor decal with skis turns chairs into chair lift

Greenpeace puddle reflection sidewalk sticker ad

Hot wheels track tape turns anything into a racetrack

Ikea stair sticker ad for storage drawers

Jeep parking space stickers everywhere

Large outdoor advertising looks like giant bucket of paint spilled onto parking ground

A man that has fallen down – do you know first aid sticker – Red Cross

Sidewalk sticker for Pedigree dog food

Sidewalk sticker featuring a person is inside a manhole with a cover.

The rest of the froest is up to you – Sidewalk stickers designed to look like a tree cut down just top of stump

Staircase sticker looks alike book spines

The world looks different when you suffer from Parkinson’s – Staircase sticker themed Parkinsons makes it look like you are climbing a mountain

Coffee cup sticker placed over manhole with steam coming out of it

Sticker on the floor of an elevator makes it look like an elevator shaft

Subway floor sticker ad looks like the beach

Swiss skydive elevator ad looks like you are looking down at the city spread below.

The UNICEF landmine stickers

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