3D printer by university students that prints gardens of individual style

The students at the University of Maribor in Slovenia, Maja Petek, Tina Zidanšek, Urška Skaza, Danica Rženičnik and Simon Tržan, with the help of Professor Dušan Zidar, designed a computer controlled machine ( CNC ) that can realize your gardening creativity by using a combination of grass seeds, soil and water. This innovative 3D printer prints gardens in any shapes and sizes you want.

innovative-green-3D-Printer-CNC-machine-plants-garden (2)innovative-green-3D-Printer-CNC-machine-plants-garden (3) innovative-green-3D-Printer-CNC-machine-plants-garden (4) innovative-green-3D-Printer-CNC-machine-plants-garden (7) Processed with Moldiv  innovative-green-3D-Printer-CNC-machine-plants-gardenProcessed with Moldiv innovative-green-3D-Printer-CNC-machine-plants-garden (9) innovative-green-3D-Printer-CNC-machine-plants-garden (5)



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