3D paintings on artist’s hand

Iantha Naicker uses acrylic paint and white gel pen to draw 3D illustrations of animals and other things on her palms, each of these paintings will spend 3-4 hours in a day.

3d-animals-paintings-on-my-palms-hands-1 3d-animals-paintings-on-my-palms-hands-2 3d-animals-paintings-on-my-palms-hands-3 3d-animals-paintings-on-my-palms-hands-4 3d-animals-paintings-on-my-palms-hands-5 3d-animals-paintings-on-my-palms-hands-6 3d-animals-paintings-on-my-palms-hands-7 3d-animals-paintings-on-my-palms-hands-8 3d-animals-paintings-on-my-palms-hands-9


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