3D pencil paintings created by young Civil Engineer by profession only during his free time

Jerameel Lu is a 24-year-old art hobbyist from the Philippines and earns his living by Civil Engineer, who created amazingly 3D pencil illustrations that express the struggle between job stress and his passion. “My life at this stage is a struggle, full of stress. I lack social contact. How can I have time to realize my passion? ” said Jerameel Lu. “I hope that someday… I can leave this job & freely do what I want, to follow my passion in art. Maybe that’s the reason why some of my artwork creates the illusion that the images appear to be pushing out of the page. Maybe those images are my passion, trapped by my situation, trying to get free.”

Rescue Me From Demon

3d-pencil-drawings-skull-illustrations-art (1)

3d-pencil-drawings-skull-illustrations-art (2)
Set Me Free

3d-pencil-drawings-skull-illustrations-art (3)
What’s Behind?

3d-pencil-drawings-skull-illustrations-art (4)

3d-pencil-drawings-skull-illustrations-art Source


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