Stunning Satellite Images Found Through Google Earth

A selection of the most breathtaking satellite landscapes images captured from satellites, we all love Google Earth, all the places it takes us, from Amazon villages to our own backyard.

cool-google-view-Satellite-Images-on-Google-Earth (2)

Ayamonte, Spain

cool-google-view-Satellite-Images-on-Google-Earth (3)

Xhariep, South Africa

cool-google-view-Satellite-Images-on-Google-Earth (4)
Galapagos, Ecuador

cool-google-view-Satellite-Images-on-Google-Earth (5)

Al Jowf, Saudi Arabia

cool-google-view-Satellite-Images-on-Google-Earth (6)
Saint John, United States

cool-google-view-Satellite-Images-on-Google-Earth (7)
Tablelands, Australia

cool-google-view-Satellite-Images-on-Google-Earth (8)

cool-google-view-Satellite-Images-on-Google-Earth (9)

Kumarina, Australia

cool-google-view-Satellite-Images-on-Google-Earth (1)
Haerbin, China


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