Panda caretaker – Chinese version of “The World’s Best Job”

Earning $32,000 a year and benefits including the use of an SUV and free meals and accommodation, just for taking care of pandas all day, how about this job? Being a panda caretaker is a real job at the Giant Panda Protection and Research Center, in Ya’an, Sichuan province, China, which is called the “Chinese version of a caretaker of an island on the Great Barrier Reef”. “Your work has only one mission: spending 365 days with the pandas and sharing in their joys and sorrows,” quoted China Daily as saying. “You need perseverance for this job. We expect that the applicants will be mainly white-collar workers from big cities. They are used to eating whatever they want, but inside the giant panda base, the choices will not be plentiful.” said Ye Mingxin, a market manager for Ford Motor Co in China, a co-organizer of the recruitment campaign. As a volunteer at centre, this girl’s work is to take care of the cubs.

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