Miniature food created by a medical lab scientist

Kim Clough is a medical lab scientist at night and a miniaturist during the day, who uses polymer clay to sculpt miniature food that is in 1:12 scale of real-life counterparts. “I love miniatures because it gives you a sense of being able to control a large part of the world in a small contained space.” said Kim, “I’ve started to explore the less-palatable side of food by sculpting their stages of decomposition in my “Decay in Miniature” series.”

#1 Vegetable Stew And Rotisserie Chicken

cute-miniature-food-sculptures-out-of-clay (12)
#2 Black Forest Cake

cute-miniature-food-sculptures-out-of-clay (3)
#3 Mint Chocolate Chip

cute-miniature-food-sculptures-out-of-clay (6)
#4 Cheese Variety

cute-miniature-food-sculptures-out-of-clay (4)
#5 Bowl Of Fruit Passing Its Prime

cute-miniature-food-sculptures-out-of-clay (14)
#6 Rustic Desserts Table

cute-miniature-food-sculptures-out-of-clay (13)

#7 A Feast For No-face

cute-miniature-food-sculptures-out-of-clay (11)
#8 Carved Turkey

cute-miniature-food-sculptures-out-of-clay (7)
#9 Peach Pie With A Lattice Crust

cute-miniature-food-sculptures-out-of-clay (1)

#10 Simple White Cake Prep

cute-miniature-food-sculptures-out-of-clay (5)
#11 English Breakfast

cute-miniature-food-sculptures-out-of-clay (2)
#12 Danish Pastries

cute-miniature-food-sculptures-out-of-clay (15)
#13 Christmas Cake

cute-miniature-food-sculptures-out-of-clay (10)

#14 Cheese Display

cute-miniature-food-sculptures-out-of-clay (8)
#15 Pineapple Ham Pizza!

cute-miniature-food-sculptures-out-of-clay (9)

Bonus: Decaying Bananas

cute-miniature-food-sculptures-out-of-clay (16)


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