Gorgeous photos inspired by Russian fairy tales

Photographer Margarita Kareva uses a camera to bring Russian fairy tales to life in her stunning and fantastic photographs. “I often say thanks to the Universe for giving me a passion for my life,” Margarita Kareva shares, “I’m glad that I had a way to play out my fantasies with the camera. It is very important for every person—to have their own way of expression.” Kareva took magical pictures of models in elaborate costumes and surreal props at the prime nature photography locations.

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  1. Tim Gasper

    I just love it. You are reading my mind. I want to do this more along with lots of surreal images. I have been doing photography over 40 years and gone through many different categories. I will now stick with social/cultural and landscape photography, but want to incluse what I have mentioned. You have been looking into my mind and heart. My daughter and grand daughter live in Ekaterinburg, so the next time I am there I would like to visit and perhaps talk with you, if you have th time. I thank you and ask that if you are going to continue to read my mind, please leave some of your ideas before you leave? Thank you and keep up the wonderful work.

    Tim Gasper
    f8 Photo/Cine

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